Contract Assembly Services

At B&B Manufacturing and Assembly, we offer contract assembly services with custom, just-in-time, and on-site capabilities, ensuring flexibility to meet diverse assembly needs. Our assembly services encompass the kitting of parts, box build, and partial pre-assembly. We specialize in assembling a wide range of products including assemblies, hydraulic tanks, protective covers, transformer boxes, frame assemblies, mechanisms, agricultural and exercise equipment.

We are equipped with various process equipment such as shrink wrapping, custom pallet building, precise torquing, and low pressure testing. In addition to assembly services, we also offer inspection, part kitting, labeling, shipping, trucking logistics, testing, product packaging, and repackaging. We cater to diverse production volumes, from prototypes to low and high volumes, as well as blanket orders. Lead times are quoted on job by job basis and rush services are available.

We comply with AWS, ISO, RoHS, and TS standards. Our commitment to efficiency is evident through continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, and Kaizen/5S practices. We serve a wide array of industries including agricultural, construction, food processing, HVAC, hydraulics, machinery, manufacturing, packaging, power generation frames, and recreational. To know more about our superior contract assembly services, contact us today.